Cat plague?! Yes, cat plague.

The world was essentially rid of the cat plague for 40 years, but it's making a comeback!

What Is Cat Plague?

Cat plague (feline parvovirus) was common in the 60s and 70s. Symptoms include vomiting (yay!), bloody diarrhea (yay?), lethargy (how do you even tell?), anorexia (!!!), and even sudden death (!!!!!!).


On top of all of that, a cat's bone marrow gets wiped out, reducing white blood cells and opening up the possibility of secondary infections. Treatment can cost thousands, yet still not save the kitty's life.


It's transmitted via infected cats pooping the virus into a litter box, then used by another cat. And so on.

Fortunately, the virus does NOT infect humans (yet).

What To Do To Protect Your Kitty

Get them vaccinated! The vaccine is usually administered during routine health checkups, so get them checked!


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