Happy April. Where talking this morning on the show about what one word you would use to describe 'April.' Just one. Spring? Hope? Baseball? Let us know by commenting at the end of this story, or by calling us at 320-292-4861. Here's the list so far.

Here's the list:

  • Pete:  Spring.
  • Cindy:  Easter.
  • Jim:  Green.
  • Katie:  Sunshine.
  • Dave:  Twins.
  • Jamie:  Alive.
  • Tony:  Hope.
  • Jarred:  Baseball.
  • Julie:  Eggs.
  • Mark:  Mowing.
  • Deanna:  Tulips.
  • Dustin:  Leaves.
  • Tamra:  Allergies.
  • Debra:  Cleaning.
  • Tim:  Racing.
  • Sara:  Birds.
  • Rick:  Thunder.
  • Melanie:  Muddy.

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