Source: dailydot.com

"Just Google it!"

That really needs to be this country's official tech motto. If we need to know more about something, we just go to Google. Then we search out the answer that fits our beliefs.


So what did Minnesotans Google the most in 2017? Sexual misconduct.

We were curious about the issue that ruled much of 2017. At least we aren't Googling like Indiana (What is a solar eclipse?) or Georgia (Usher herpes).

And WTF, Washington? Unicorn Frappuccino? The home of Starbucks was confused by this? I want to know the rest of those Google searches...like, how many people were asking if the frappuccino was made of unicorns?! Ugh.


If I feel the need to move to a different state but want to stay north of the Mason-Dixon Line, I'll go to Idaho. Not only do they have potatoes, they also love Doctor Who.

Check out the map and prepare to make fun of your out-of-state friends and relatives.

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