Have you ever left a negative review for a business before?

Chances are, you've had a poor customer experience. Most of us have. Maybe a restaurant got your order wrong or the food came out cold. Maybe you felt like a mechanic wasn't honest and took advantage of you.

Maybe the store was out of what you needed for the third week in a row or an employee was rude to you. We've all had bad -- and great -- experiences, and the beauty of the internet is that we can share those experiences online. Just because we can, however, doesn't necessarily mean we should.

While everyone's experience is valid and every customer entitled to speak their mind, there's wisdom in tactful feedback, especially when it's negative. Check out these painful -- almost laughable -- negative Google reviews left for local St. Cloud businesses.

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Here's a review left for Jules Bistro (note the owner's reply):

Google Review

Huh. I didn't know staff could be "user friendly." What exactly was Jenni trying to use the staff for, anyway, I wonder...? Here's a review left for Topper's Pizza:


No word on how Susan's pizza was...Here's a review left for Chipotle:


To be fair, I wouldn't know how to shout "Zapat1001" either. Here's a review left for Best Western downtown:


What exactly is "rippling" carpet, anyways...? Here are a couple truly fantastic reviews left for Paramount Center for the Arts:


You know, Naomi, there is a movie version of My Fair Lady you could have watched first to know what you were getting yourself into...Here's a review left for Model College of Hair Design:


Apparently Constance missed the part about the staff being students learning how to cut hair. And if you thought churches were safe, think again! Check out this mediocre review of St. Mary's Cathedral...for the sloppy joes they serve!


Thank you, Google Reviews, for your endless supply of entertainment!

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