Looking for great places to go camping? How about right here in Minnesota?

In your opinion, what makes a great campground? Is it being on a lake? Is it about walking paths? Is it the number of fun activities? Do you like crowded campgrounds that include a pool and a playground? Or do you want something that is secluded and quiet, where you can feel alone in nature, and breath the fresh air in peace and quiet?

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Depending on the type of vacation I'm taking, it changes. If I'm headed out with Darin my boyfriend, I'd like to go somewhere quiet and secluded. Somewhere where we can go fishing, maybe go for a walk and take pictures.  If I were taking my kids when they were younger, I always preferred going to Lake Winnie; spending time with Grandma and Grandpa, all my cousins; fishing, staying in a cabin, and knowing that we have a lodge where the kids can get ice cream, go swimming in the pool and have fun playing games, inside and out depending on the weather during our trip.

Dyrt Magazine just rated their top10 campground list for campgrounds all across the United States, and it seems that Minnesota has made the list.

The Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, located on the shores of Lake Superior, has trails that lead to a secluded beach coastline. You can hike and take amazing pictures from this location too, and is open all year long. Split Rock was listed as number 5 in their top 10. What makes this part of their top 10?  45,000 campgrounds were reviewed by campers themselves, and lucky us; we ended up in the top 10.


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