I think I have always known that this was a no-no. Any pedestrian on an Interstate was something that you can't do.  You can't even stop unless it's an emergency.  If you are having car trouble, you are supposed to head to the nearest off ramp to pull off the road in a much safer area.  Sometimes that isn't something that is a possibility, but that's rare.  It's even more rare to see someone walking along on any of these roads, and if you do see someone the first thought most people would have is that there is something very wrong.

Enter this situation.  MNDOT cameras caught this woman with a motorized shopping cart (first, where can I get one of these), tooling along a freeway.  What is going on with this person.  Mental health issues? Drugs? Wrong turn and doesn't know how to get off the road? And why is she riding along on a shopping cart? And seriously, where do you get one of these things?

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According to Bring Me the News, the highway department hasn't revealed what was going on with this particular individual as of yet.  Stay tuned...

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