Apparently, when a party is going particularly well, it's said to be, "rockin' like a G6." At first I thought, "'s rocking like a defunct car from a now non-existent manufacturer?"

Am I the only one who thought that? Am I?

Well, hopefully I'm not. I'd imagine that's why you're here: to finally "get with it" or whatever.

The phrase appears in the chorus of Dierks Bentley's hit, "Drunk on a Plane":

I'm sure what they're doing in the video violates all kinds of FAA rules and regulations, but how fun of a video would it be if it didn't?


So are they rocking this plane like a car formerly manufactured by Pontiac?

No! They're rocking that plane like a...plane!

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Rockin' a G6 like these two? Dayyyum, settle down, son! (Getty Images)

To me, the thought of rockin' a G6 is terrifying. I mean, we're on a small private jet going a bazillion miles per hour and we're partying SO hard that it's shaking, rattling, AND rolling? Hard pass.

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