Peeps.  Who thought these disgusting things were a good idea?  Yes, I know that some people like them, but you are just wrong. (kidding) But they really are pretty gross.

When I was working elsewhere from here in St. Cloud, I had a co-worker tell me that he had a great idea that he was going to try with the Peeps he had gotten for Easter.  My first instinct was to tell him to just throw them away.  But he had another idea.  And it took an entire year for his idea to work.

Here is what you do (apparently- as I didn't try it). He let the peeps just sit in the package that they came in... for an entire year.  And they don't get moldy or anything.  They actually looked exactly the same as they did when he received them.  They were just hard as rocks!  ROCKS I tell ya!

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Part 2- he took them out of the package, combined them with a hunk of chocolate and some graham crackers.  See where I'm going with this?  He popped them into the microwave for a few seconds and Voila! He had Peep S;mores!  He claims they were delicious.  I'll just take his word for it.  I'm still not eating those nasty things, but if you would like to try it have at it and please report back.  I want to know if this works for anyone else other than this guy.  I think he might have been exaggerating how "good" they actually were.  'Cuz, really?  But I could totally be wrong.

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