We have been losing minutes of daylight all summer, but I personally just started to really notice it this week.

St. Cloud Minnesota usually caps out at about 15 hours and 41 minutes of daylight around Summer Solstice in June. As of August 17th, we currently have 13 hours and  58 minutes of daylight to work with. It's still a lot, but it's well over an hour less than we had just two short months ago.

We will be steadily losing three minutes of daylight every single day until November 7th when we switch gears into daylight savings time. At that point, we will be losing two minutes of daylight instead of three.

The least amount of daylight we will have will come just before Christmas, just like every year, during Winter Solstice. December 20th, 2021 we will have just 8 hours and 41 minutes of daylight, but by Christmas day we will have gained back a whole two minutes of light.

There is a really hand chart for visual learners like myself, detailing just how much light we get in St. Cloud. It was created by a woman named Jan Moesen:

I made this tool to calculate the number of daylight hours for any location on Earth because I like going on long bicycle rides without having to use extra lighting. Others who stumbled upon this daylight calculator have told me they use it for gardening, or simply for knowing when the gloom of winter finally ends.

Or in our case today, when the gloom of winter kicks in. Either way it is a really cool tool, and it's fun to scroll and see how much light we have throughout the year. Check it out here. 

Soak up as much light as you can, these days are going by fast.

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