You just never know what you are going to find on Facebook community garage sale pages. I was scrolling through the "St. Cloud Area Online Garage Sale" page today and came across this fun story. A Watkins boy is taking matters into his own hands when it comes to raising money to buy himself a 4-wheeler.

Claire Reyes' son Orrin is the boy with a dream, and that dream will hopefully be achieved with his idea of making and selling scented modeling clay:

My 6 year old son wants to save up for a four wheeler and asked me how he can make money so I told him to think of fun things we can make at home and sell. One of his ideas was play dough!

"Rain-doh" is what they came up with. The dough comes in all colors of the rainbow, and the motto for the product is “Play with the Rainbow". Rain-doh is made with water, oil, flour, salt, and cream of tartar. They can also add scents like peppermint, tangerine, cinnamon spice, or wintergreen. Claire said they are happy to work with people on custom scent ideas they may have as well.

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Orrin's goal is to raise enough money to buy his 4-wheeler in June of 2023 so he has it for summer break when school is out.

Rain-doh costs $4 for a 4 oz container of Rain-Doh (add $0.25 for scented) or $6 for an 8 oz container of Rain-Doh: $6 (add $0.50 for scented). Claire said they make great stocking stuffers for Christmas and they are prepared to make a lot this holiday season. To order Rain-doh, contact Claire through her Facebook listing here, or text  320-428-3334.

It's so cool to see that kids these days are willing to get creative and work towards what they want. It seems to be a lost trait these days with how instant the world has become. Good luck to Claire and Orrin in this business endeavor, I think you guys have a great idea with Rain-doh!

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