If you are a fan of Blue Sun Soda Shop I've got some bad news, they were just bought out by a Pennsylvania candy company. There is some good news, as the stores will remain in business, but will transition over to the new brand name, Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop by the middle of June.

Christopher Beers, who founded Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop told the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal:

"While Blue Sun only served glass bottled soda, he’s bringing in things like Toxic Waste energy drinks and Warhead-flavored soda, Jones Soda Co.’s energy drink and Wild Bill’s Craft Beverage Co.’s Ring Pop-flavored soda. Plus, he wants to expand offerings like Pepsi and Coke products from Thailand and Japan."

Headline: Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop acquires Blue Sun Soda Shop!

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the next evolution of Blue Sun Soda Shop. We’ve been following the growth & passion of Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop for many years, and reached out to them to take our brand to the next level. Their recipe for an incredible candy shop experience is unmatched and they share an equal passion for carbonated soda pop! You’ll find ridiculous amounts of candy & soda stacked from the floor to the ceiling. They offer an impressive collection of international candy, enough bulk candy to fill a swimming pool, plus all sorts of toys, games, and some really quirky gifts. Their team is committed to continuing the growth of the Whistler brand and working with all of our existing team members. Their work to transform our Spring Lake Park location has already begun and you won’t believe your eyes when our doors reopen in the next two weeks! Our Stillwater & Bloomington locations are scheduled for improvements as well but remain open as Blue Sun Soda Shop until the transformation is ready.

Stay tuned on this page as Grandpa Joe’s will share even more excitement in the days to come! Since 2015, your support has truly meant the world to all of our team!
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Reaction to the news was mixed online.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

You can see the current locations for Blue Sun Soda Shops, here.

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