I posted this story last winter but it's definitely worth a second look.

You know what they say, never forget your friends. Especially when they are still in the fish house you forgot to unhook from your snowmobile before you take off.

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Seth Trobec and Cody Mjolsness of Coleraine, Minnesota were out on Canisteo Pit north of Coleraine filming their first video for their YouTube channel Get In There Great Outdoors.

According to BringMeTheNews.com the pair of friends were out on the lake to video some ice fishing for lake trout. It seemed all was set up and ready to go. So Mjolsness prepared to leave and go pick up another friend for a day of fishing. Trobec stayed behind to finish up preparations for the ice fishing video.

Maybe Mjolsness had a lot on his mind that day or maybe just one of those lapse of memory things. Whatever it was Mjolsness completely forgot to unhook the fish house from his snowmobile.

In the video you can hear Mjolsness start up the snowmobile while his friend, Trobec, inside the fish house continues to get things ready for the video shoot.

Evidently, it took Mjolsness awhile to realize that he had totally forgotten to unhook the fish house before he took off. Trobec's reaction was caught on video as the fish house, all of a sudden, took off behind the snowmobile.

I think Trobec did the right thing by bailing out onto the ice. He fortunately was not injured, however his line he had in the hole snapped but that's a small price to pay considering what could have happened.

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