During a break at a bull riding event Saturday in Owensboro, Kentucky, twenty-three small circles were spray painted on the arena dirt -- with a volunteer standing in each circle for a chance to win $100. Oh wait, they let a bull out into the arena too. (What could go wrong?)

A $100 bill was fastened to the bull, and whoever could grab the bill wins! If you left your circle you were disqualified

Two bulls, no winner, and multiple injured participants later -- the contest came to a hushed end.


Seriously, I cannot for the life of me understand how this was allowed to take place. There was certainly no insurance provider involved in the decision to proceed.

WARNING: The following video contains content some might find disturbing.

There's no report available as to the condition of the injured participants. And the prize to risk your life was only $100. <Head shaking in disbelief.>

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