There is nothing I love more then, after watching the Minnesota Vikings, heading on over to TikTok to see how Jackie reacted to the game. Jackie or known as CadillacJackk on TikTok, has become a viral sensation. Vikings and football fans in general love to watch how she was during the game, because she's colorful with her language in the best way possible, she's passionate about her boys (especially Justin Jefferson) and she is about every fan out there most of the time, in a tizzy during the game.

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This time she had a few guests with her, and from what I gathered in the comments. The other vocal person in the video is her dad, to which one fan commented, "we know where she gets it from". You can't help but laugh or smile when you watch Jackie because she has some of the best one liners. My favorites from this time include

"Why do they got to hog pile him, God they're mean"

Take note she always calls T.J. Hockenson "Hackensack", haha!

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Lastly, when she tells everyone to not talk as Joseph is about to kick a 61 year field goal...then after the record breaking kick is made, exclaims "Oh My God, it's another Minnesota Miracle"!

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She's not wrong. I've been saying this for a little bit now. Last year we found every way possible to lose and this year we've found every way to win. This year has been exciting and I'm glad I could be here for the ride. Thanks Jackie for making it an even more enjoyable one and I hope one of these days we can meet! Now watch what I mean for yourself:


@cadillacjackk Got some clips of jackie during the game today while playing plinko! #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #vikings #football #mnvikings #minnesotavikings #minnesota @vikings ♬ original sound - CadillacJackk

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