We didn't get a repeat of our Christmas Eve Vikings vs. Giants game as we had hoped. It's one and done. Done, unfortunately we are. I've been a Vikings fan my whole life and I still love our boys and always will. Honestly, this season went way better than I had ever imagined and even though it took years off my life, it was one hell of a ride and I enjoyed every second of it.

But I'm sure many of you were saying or thinking exactly what my favorite Vikings fans was vocalizing during the game and we will get to that in a moment. First for those who are just seeing this for the first time. This year I was introduced to diehard Vikings fan, Jackie or best known on TikTok as CadillacJackk.

Her reactions to each Minnesota Vikings game has garnered her TikTok fame! Even fans of opposing teams love to see how Jackie is going to react. Some of my favorite comments through the season include her "nicknames" for some of the guys.

Kirk Cousins = Thuggins

Adam Thielen = Old Reliable

T. J. Hockenson = Hackensack

J.J. or Justin Jefferson = He's just known as Jackie's absolute favorite so don't ever speak bad of him or do something wrong towards him, you'll hear about it from her.

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But yesterday, like every fan out there she had an emotional rollercoaster of a game and it ended with our season being over. Like many out there and in true Vikings form we ended it with saying

There's always next year.

Here she is throughout the game for you to see.


@cadillacjackk Shes now fully rooting for her boy Burrow & the Bengals #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #vikings #football #mnvikings #minnesotavikings #nfl ♬ original sound - CadillacJackk

I'd also like to note that she changed her jersey, like the superstitious fans we are, thinking it will help to change the outcome. Awesome!

Even though we were one and done. We still had a few highlights for this season. Here are just a few:

  1. NFC North Division Champs (and we did it clinched BEFORE the last game of the season)
  2. 13-4 Regular Season Record
  3. Justin Jefferson breaks Randy Moss' Record for Most Receiving Yards in a Single Season for the Vikings.
  4. Green Bay didn't make the playoffs (That's always a highlight for Vikings fans, right?!)
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We can sit here and mope, commiserate and dwell on a season being over. But I'm still proud of the boys as they had one hell of a season and though there are things I'd like to see changed, I'll focus on that another day. Today I'm just thankful for the hell of a season we did have and for Jackie making it an even more entertaining one!


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