So much wildlife! I've never been curious before of what an Otter does...until now! This amazing video shows a family of Otters living their absolute best life.  I always thought that Otters were typically just sort of hanging out on their own; swimming around in ponds and weren't very social creatures. This group of Otters could form a club! I'm amazed at their behaviors and how much they stick together.

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If you will watch the whole video, you'll also get to see some pretty amazing shots of not only the Otters but some deer, possibly wolf, fox and coyote and a family of bears! Whoever put this camera up picked the right spot because it's absolutely breathtaking.


Did you know how long Otter tails are? Do you really know the difference between a Beaver and an Otter? I could tell you that I THOUGHT I knew, but I really think this is an eye-opener. I found these interesting facts about Otters.

  • Otters are a part of the weasel family but are part aquatic, whereas other weasels are not. Otters are WAY bigger than I ever thought they could be, ranging anywhere from 2 feet to almost 5 feet long!
  • Not all Otters are seafaring. There are also River Otters who live in freshwater, but still have the ability to go fishing and hunting in seawater, whereas Sea Otters can only live in seawater.
  • Sea Otters can weigh up to 100 pounds, but River Otters don't exceed 30 pounds, typically.
  • The sweetest thing I love about Otters is that they sometimes hold hands while they are sleeping. While they are floating on their backs. It keeps mothers together with their pups, and sometimes the Mommas have their babies sleep on their bellies. How adorable.

I hope you enjoy the wildlife in the video and appreciate these beautiful animals!


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