Somebody on Reddit created a meme of The Office boss Michael Scott likened to various locations in Minnesota, and we're not sure if the St. Cloud comparison is a praise or an insult.

Perhaps no office manager is as widely known and beloved as Michael Scott of The Office. Who could forget scenes like Michael calling Pam at the office for help after he burned his foot on his Foreman grill? Or his offensive impersonation as Prison Mike? Or the time he followed his GPS's directions too literally and drove his car into a lake while on a sales call? Or the Scott's Tots episode where Michael realizes he can't keep a promise he made to a group of high school seniors to pay their full college tuition?

Someone on the Minnesota thread of Reddit recently created an ode to the many personas of Michael Scott by comparing him to different locations around Minnesota.

"Michael Scott as Places in Minnesota," Redditor u/Epicapabilities titled his meme. Target Center, for instance, is compared to Michael Scott as a basketball player in the episode where Dunder Mifflin's sales staff takes on the guys in the warehouse in a heated game of b-ball. Lake Minnetonka is likened to the aforementioned scene (above) where Michael drives his car into a lake. Hinkley, Minnesota -- home of Grand Casino Hinkley -- is represented by Michael in the highly-rated episode "Casino Night." Other Minnesota locations referenced in the meme include Two Harbors, Minneapolis, Voyageurs National Park, Rochester and St. Cloud, though we're not entirely certain what the intent for St. Cloud is.

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The St. Cloud comparison sees Michael Scott -- acting as agent Michael Scarn, his alter-ego in his self-directed action movie Threat Level Midnight -- holding a gun in each hand, presumably inferring violence and that St. Cloud is a violent place. Those who remember Threat Level Midnight, however, will recall that Scott's character Scarn was actually a hero, and the scene in question sees Scarn wildly dodging a "delivery man's" bullets Matrix-style and then shooting the would-be assassin dead in return.

With context, it could be argued that the St. Cloud reference in the meme above is actually a compliment to Central Minnesota's heroic nature and courage.

We doubt it, though...

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