ROCKVILLE - Even though the ice was thinner than normal, people still participated in the St Cloud Polar Plunge.

The polar plunge raises funds to benefit Special Olympics Minnesota.  Last years plunge saw over 530 people jump into the frigid waters and raised approximately $91,000.

Normally the ice is thick enough for people to walk and even drive on. This year adjustments had to be made due to the record breaking temperatures.

Most years the event takes place at the middle of the lake with a hole cut in the ice for participants to take the plunge. This year the events were moved away from the lake and into a pool in the parking lot.

"We made the decision on Friday morning to move the event away from the lake. It was really for everyone's safety." says Brian Knapek, a firefighter with the Rockville Fire Department.

Though the event wasn't able to place on the lake, people were still excited to help out with a great cause. Knapek and Sheriff Chad Meemken said people know this event is about more then getting to plunge into a cold lake.

"This all goes for a great cause, Its not about us its about the Special Olympian's." says Meemken.

While it may not have been ideal conditions for a polar plunge, everyone was still enjoying themselves.

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