The Minnesota Department of Health has teamed up with an app called Docket to provide Minnesotans the ability to carry their vaccination records in the palm of their hand.

With more businesses, bars & restaurants, and events requiring proof of vaccination for entry, Minnesotans now have another option for carrying their info with them, without having to carry their actual physical COVID-19 vaccination card.

Your data always belongs to you.

Only you can authorize access of personal health data to your trusted care providers. All of your data is fully encrypted, both on Docket servers and on your phone.

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Minnesota Department of Health Infectious Disease Division Director Kris Ehresmann says:

We recognize the importance of having a secure and convenient way to find, view, and share your and your family’s immunization records, such as needing records for school or child care. The Docket app gives Minnesotans a digital option to access their immunization history in MIIC, check what vaccines you or your children may be due for, see what vaccines you may need in the future, and display vaccination status when needed. This is vital to making sure people are protected from preventable diseases.

The Docket app is also being used by the states of New Jersey and Utah and is HIPPA compliant. The app is free and available for download in Apple Store and Google Play.

Other Proof of Vaccination Options

Of course you can just carry your paper COVID-19 vaccination card, but there's always the risk of losing or damaging it. You could also take a picture of your card and keep that photo on your phone.

Remember to check with the business or venue you're heading to ahead of time to see what they will accept as proof of vaccination, as requirements could vary at different places.

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