Not everything in the news is depressing, sometimes good things happen too! Like Operation Hug-a-Hero teaming up with Walmart and the Red Cross to donate “Daddy Dolls” to kids with Parents that are deployed.

I am a big sucker when it comes to the military. They give up so much for all of us, we can never repay them for what they do. When watching the videos of Parents coming back from deployment surprising their kids you can usually find me crying my eyes out! Let’s give back to those that give so much!

“Daddy Dolls” are stuffed 12-inch-tall dolls with an actual photo of their deployed parent. Not just their face on the doll either, it’s a mini version of their mommy or daddy. They’re even better than a regular picture, because kids can carry them around and cuddle with them.

As of right now, Hug-a-Hero has enough funding to provide 1,000 of them. Let’s try and get every kid that is missing their military parent a doll! Every donation no matter how big or little helps! CLICK HERE to visit Operation Hug-a-Hero to donate!

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