When McDonald's took away Hi-C Orange Lava Burst four years ago, I was distraught. That was the drink of my childhood Happy Meals, and as an adult it still paired perfectly with french fries and a McChicken off of the dollar menu.

It has been a long four years going through the drive-thru and not having it as an option, but in February 2021 it was announced that the bright orange beverage would be returning to menus. USA Today reported that it would be back at participating restaurants by June 2021. These days it's nice to have reminders of simpler times.

I wasn't expecting to be able to get my hands on it until this summer, but then everything changed. I saw that McDonald's had a Hi-C finder on their website, and not expecting anything, I typed in a St. Cloud zipcode.

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And there it was, the Waite Park McDonald's location has it again. Naturally, I drove across town to get one. The second I tasted it my childhood came rushing back. It was like a warm embrace from a family member. The super-intense sweet orange flavor still paired perfectly with McNuggets, you know I had to test that theory. I love this drink way too much.

The Hi-C finder will be updated weekly on the McDonald's website as more and more locations get the iconic drink back on the menu.

@abbeyminkeFirst sip of Orange Lava Burst from McDonalds since 2017. I missed this stuff so much. ##fyp ##mcdonalds ##hic ##orangelavaburst

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