Or for now it is. IHOP has been teasing on Twitter a name change to IHOB, and as of June 11th, their bio reads,

Burgers so burgerin’ good, we changed our name to IHOb. For burgers.

From what their website is saying, it sounds like they are using this name change to promote their new line of Ultimate Steakburgers, made with 100% USDA choice black angus beef. But if you are still hungry for pancakes, they aren't going anywhere. They are actually promoting a new summer line of them based on vacations. They have Belgian dark chocolate mousse, Mexican tres leches, and Vanilla Spice all on the menu next to burgers.


Nothing has been mentioned if this new IHOB name is permanent or if it is just a marketing tactic. The shift does make sense being that IHOB and Applebee's are owned by the same parent company, and they might be wanting to make them more similar. Check out the new IHOB website here! 

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