My favorite chocolate candy on Halloween is hands down a Kit Kat bar--Twix is a close second...and my mouth pretty much waters for a good snickers. I bought over 400 pieces of candy yesterday in preparation for Halloween! My neighborhood has TONS of, chances are, there won't be any leftover candy for me to enjoy this year.

I tried something different this year. I waited until closer to Halloween to buy Halloween candy because Dave and I usually spend the entire month of October eating all of the candy meant for our trick-or-treaters. Our candy ends up being pretty picked over once it's time to give it all away.

I'm a candy fanatic, which is probably why it's no surprise to you that one of my favorite holidays is by far Halloween. I love dressing up, decorating the house, watching scary movies and eating all of the leftover candy...if there is any. It's pretty much my jam. I even have a special way that I eat my Kit Kat too. I eat all of the chocolate off of the wafer, then I eat the wafer. Don't judge.

What is your favorite CHOCOLATE Halloween candy?