So apparently this is a high-value, desirable item...

I was cruising through Etsy (no pun intended) when I found a Gilleland Chevrolet key chain for sale.

A genuine vintage 1980s GILLELAND CHEVROLET BOWTIE White Plastic Plastic Key Ring. This comes from a dealership that has humble beginnings dating back to 1954 in Grand Forks, North Dakota.
Nice piece of American Car dealership Memorabilia. Especially attractive to those that collect the old School Dealer Swag.


Something I didn't know there was a market for: Old School Dealer Swag. You learn something new every day.

The asking price on this vintage piece is $10, and the seller is TJMARZ, who has 22,414 sales under that page.

The seller has 3,713 five-star reviews and has been selling since 2012. Scrolling through their page they have a lot of old parking meters up for grabs (asking price is $50-$100 if you're in the market), as well as various key chains and decorative patches.

I'm just shocked that the nasty old Gilleland key ring I have on my set of mailbox keys at home is worth something to someone. Maybe I should try to sell it myself! Or I could keep it and see if it goes up in value. Heck, I could even try taking it to Antiques Roadshow one day!

Check out more on this vintage key ring for sale on Etsy here.

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