I couldn't believe my eyes as I scrolled through Twitter on Wednesday, May 27th. As protestors smashed windows at the 3rd Precinct of the Minneapolis Police Department, a Target nearby was being looted.

I honestly scrolled past it when I first saw a video in my feed because I thought "this can't possibly be happening in Minnesota".

People were funneling clothes, TV's, electronics. household supplies and more out of a broken window of the building at first, and then they switched to just using the main entrance.

There are no words, I am just completely speechless as to what is happening in Minneapolis this week. I know we are all sick of hearing that "we are living in uncertain and unprecedented times", but it's the truth.

Here are some of the videos I saw that were shared by Karen Scullin, a reporter for FOX 9:

What's crazy is that I was at Target in St. Cloud this afternoon and saw a shirt that said "Target is my happy place" and it made me smile. Target is a happy place so so many Minnesotans, I can't imagine being there picking up groceries and other essentials and it being looted as I tried to shop.

It breaks my heart to see this happening in our state. There has been so much bad lately. Going forward, I can only hope that people look within themselves and choose to make kind and compassionate decisions that help others instead of causing more hurt.

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