Wendy Shaw bought these photo albums a couple of weeks ago on Minnesota's Shop Goodwill website. She bought the two photo albums for $9.95.  She thought that maybe the family was just cleaning out the house, and the albums were donated by mistake because they looked like books.

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The photos in the photo albums date all the way back to the 1950's. The photos are pictures of everyday life, like baby pictures, the first day of school photos, weddings, and pets. She started thinking about the albums and realized that the family probably really would want these precious memories back and decided to reach out to KSTP to help locate the family that the albums belonged to.


Great News! We have an update to this story. Shortly after KSTP ran the story, several people from central Minnesota started reaching out, and the owner has been Found. "I couldn't believe it. I thought this is something that only happens to someone else." Words from Chuck Botz. The photo albums are that of the Botz family.  The photos were from the family home where they lived in St. Joseph.

Wendi Shaw says these are the happy endings that she looks forward to. She thought she was out of luck, but within minutes, viewers were working hard to find the family that the photos belonged to. Chuck didn't know that his brother Tim accidentally had them packed up and had them sent to Goodwill.

Chuck is going to hang on to them this time and says that Wendi saved the day. Thank you Wendi for your efforts in reuniting people with their cherished photos.

You can watch the KSTP report below.


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