I went to college at Bemidji State University in Bemidji, Minnesota; lovingly known as BRRR-midji to many of us who attended college there.  I wanted to go into broadcasting and when I found that my best friends in high school were going to BSU, of course, I looked to see if there was a Mass Communications program. Luckily for me, they had a fantastic program, and thanks to BSU, I have a radio career today, and lots of great college memories with new and old friends.


The campus was right on Lake Bemidji, so we had wonderful winter, spring, fall, and summer walks along this beautiful lake. I believe I even waterskied there! However; I've never learned how to go scuba diving. Maybe if I had, I could have done some important work like this gentleman, who just happened to take a video of his Lake Bemidi treasures!

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A man known as "Ed the Diver," is doing some important work around lakes in the midwest. In the video above, he made a stop in Bemidji to do an underwater cleanup of Lake Bemidji. He found lots of interesting critters down there, but no fish! Hopefully, he DID find fish after the video, but it's interesting what he did find along with lots of cans, plastic bags, and other bits of trash.


He also found the invasive species of Zebra mussels that were discovered in the lake in 2018. Starry Stonewort has also been found in Lake Bemidji.


While there are groups that volunteer to clean up parks like Diamond Point Park, I doubt many people are willing to dive to clean up our waters. Thanks to Ed for providing this great service. Ed is from Wisconsin and started Bieber's Underwater Recovery in  2020; collecting garbage from bodies of water including cell phones, fishing lures, apple watches, and just about anything that you could lose underwater. According to the article at, he says much of the garbage he finds in lakes is from irresponsible anglers who leave trash along the banks, but also garbage that blows in from roadways, people's yards, and more. Lines, lures, hooks, garbage bags, cans; it all adds up.

Ed the Diver has opened a tackle shop reselling and recycling items that he finds. We all need to be more like Ed! Thank you 'Ed The Diver' for all you do!

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