It's going to be a cold hunting opener this year. Firearms opening weekend in Minnesota is November 9th, and the forecast is calling for partly cloudy skies and a high in the mid to upper 30's. Sunday they are saying a high of 30 and a chance of snow. Perfect weather to be sitting in a tree right?

I hate being cold. Absolutely hate it. My toes and fingers are always the first things to go, and sitting outside all day with cold feet isn't really something I'm into. No matter how badly I want to bag a trophy buck.

Last year I was Googling products to avoid cold feet, and came across something completely ridiculous, but worth of testing out: Boot Blankets.

Basically individual boot-shaped sleeping bags that you put over your boots once you get into your stand. Seemed to me like a long shot, but I forked over $50 and had them shipped my way for hunting opener.


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They are large, noisy to put on, not easy to carry out into the woods, make you look like you have Frankenstein feet, and once you have them on they're not great to move around in. But for the first time in nearly two decades of hunting, I didn't have cold feet in the deer stand. And that is all I ever wanted.

This year I found a fanny pack style hand warmer made by the same people who make the Boot Blankets. Naturally I got one. I'll have an update on if that bulky blaze orange beast works after this cold opening weekend.

Good luck hunters!


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