Eagles are certainly fascinating creatures and it's always a treat when you spot them in Minnesota. It wasn't that long ago that they were an endangered species, but the have bounced back and now it's not unusual to spot them occasionally.

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According fox9.com, Lino Lakes Police Department reported, two eagles, one looked like a young eagle, were locked together in flight and plummeted to the asphalt lot below. Luckily, one flew away and the other suffered a broken wing but is expected to be okay.

The Lino Lakes Police Department offered up two possible scenarios as to what the eagles were doing at the time of plummet to the ground below.

One scenario is that the two eagles were fighting. The other is the two eagles were engaged in mating thing called the "cartwheel display".  The video below shows an example of a "cartwheel display".

Experts believe that this freefall is a display of strength and flying skill.  "When they're grasping those talons, that's a really tight grip, and the theory is if you're doing that and you let go too soon, you might be signaling to a potential mate that, you're not as bold or strong as maybe you need to be to raise young successfully. So that could be a bad signal" he said "Of course, the other extreme is that you don't pull out of that maneuver in time and you careen into the ground and either severely injured or kill yourself."


It is currently is nesting season in Minnesota for eagles, so it may also have been a territorial dispute.

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