Twin Cities weather radar happened to catch the gigantic smoke plume from Sunday's fire in Southern Minnesota, which created a red flag warning for the area. Because of the gusty, dry conditions, a huge grass fire took over approximately 1,000 acres on Sunday.

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Most of the fire was grasslands, but some structures were lost in the flames and one person was hurt in the fire, along with two firefighters, according to MPR.

There were photos taken from people miles away who could see the smoke plume in the skies.


The weather radar video shown above shows the incredible smoke plume as it grows and moves northward toward the Twin Cities. Later in the day the wind direction changed and showed the smoke moving in an eastward direction.

That wasn't the only fire that occurred over the weekend. According to an article with MPR, more than 3,000 acres were left burning because of the warm weather, gustying winds, and low humidity.

There were at least 8 wildfires across the state, with 6 of them totaling less than 2 acres, but the other two claiming thousands of acreage.

"12 fire departments responded to the fire in Waseca, with support from the DNR, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and other local agencies. In addition to the helicopter, two planes were dispatched to lay down the fire retardant," said Leanne Langeberg, a public information officer with the Minnesota Interagency Fire Center.

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