We are just a day away from 'The Great Minnesota Get-Together!" Our Minnesota State Fair will be kicking off tomorrow, and there will be more fun waiting for you than any person should be allowed to have in one fantastic day.

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You might enjoy an alcoholic beverage while you are at the fair. We know there will be plenty of locations where you can grab you some delicious brew. However; you might be in the mood for something completely different this year. How would you feel about having a delicious and tasty honey cream soda, brewed by the Urban Growler Brewing Company?

The Urban Growler Brewing Company is the first women-owned micro-brewing company in Minnesota. They invite everyone to stop into the brewery to enjoy this deliciously brewed beverage, but if you are going to the Minnesota State Fair and want to try it there, it WILL be available for you.

Urban Growler Brewing Company put up a Facebook post about their fabulous creation which you can see below.


Comments are looking pretty positive for this little creation.

  • Catherine W- 'Favorite Brewery and People. Yum! We will look for it!'
  • Park B- "Wow! That sounds amazing!"
  • Eggroll Queen -"Looking Good!"


Another interesting twist of something they are bringing to the Minnesota State Fair? How about trying "The Golden Ticket Mexican Lager," which will be made available in the Colosseum? If you are looking for a light beer to enjoy while you are at the State Fair, this might be just the one for you.

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