Donald Trump's Hollywood Star has been more than vandalized, it's been destroyed. See the video of the man who did this, and the idiot posted a video explaining why he did it!

The man, who dressed as a city worker, setup the area around the Donald Trump star to look like it was a maintenance area. He proceeded to pick ax the star until the name and emblem were removed. The destruction he caused to the square of sidewalk is major and city workers are working on trying to repair it.

The man posted a video on YouTube explaining why he did it, saying he's going to eBay auction the pieces he took from it and send the money to the sexual victims of Donald Trump.

Sure this guy is trying to make a statement by doing this, BUT, it's stolen property of the city of Hollywood and he'll receive $0 from any auction for it as it would be seized. On top of that he'll go to jail for vandalism and a possible felony.

Way to go sir! You are officially the idiot of the day...

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