I thought I'd help my son make his bed today while he was away at college. I noticed that his room was perfectly clean, except at the top of the bed, I noticed there were no sheets on the bed.  Go figure.

As I grabbed the blankets and tossed them on the floor, I grabbed the sheets and started thinking about a couple things.

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First. why is it, that you never get the fitted sheet on the bed right the first time? I recently discovered how to know. Find the corner of your bed sheet, and look for the tag. The corner that has the tag on it, always goes on the right back corner of the bed. Now that you know this, you should always have it right on the first try.

The second question I had was are you supposed to put the top sheet on the bed inside out? You know what I mean, right?

A couple of things to note. The top sheet will also have a tag on the bottom. So when you find the tag, that will go at the bottom of the bed.  The hem at the bottom is only about 1/2 inch wide, and the hem at the top is about 3 inches.

You'll also notice that some sheets have a fancy design on this hem.  So indeed, you do put the sheet on, what most would think is 'inside out,' so you can fold the sheet back, and the pretty design can show on your bed once it's all made. Another fun fact: This side of the sheet is also softer than the other, so you'll be sleeping with the most comfortable side of the sheet on your body.

Don't believe me? Watch this video. I think this woman knows her bed sheets.

Youtube/Ask Aunt Laura


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