There's nothing worse to me than wanting a piece of toast in the morning, and finding that my nice, delicious butter that was sitting on the counter, super spreadable and delicious, has been put in the fridge by one of my kids.  Now I go through the process of sticking it in the microwave...melting it down to a spread that is nowhere as enjoyable as my soft butter.

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I've left my butter out on the counter ever since I can remember. I don't believe that I've ever been sick because of it. But there are some people that are horrified by butter that sits out. Now, I do put a cover on my butter. Typically I put it in a small Tupperware container near my coffee pot.

Some people are totally grossed out when they see that butter has been left out on the counter. it okay to leave your butter out? That depends.


According to the USDA, butters and margarines are safe at room temperature, but they say that the flavor of butter can turn rancid after several days, so its best to use it up in a few days.

I think my butter is safer longer, because it never really gets soft. My central air is set at about 68 and I guess I keep it cold enough that it just doesn't soften up.  It doesn't say that margarine has to be used in a few days, just butter.

Having a container with a cover can also help you keep it longer as well.

Honestly, I keep my butter out until it's all gone. Sometimes I even refill my butter dish when it's getting close to running too low. That means...I don't wash the dish in between butter sticks. I'm still alive.

A word of caution: I also read that if you make your own butter, that MUST be refrigerated. It's only the pasteurization process that helps keep it safe outside the fridge.

Other than that, you be you, dear butter lover. Whatever makes you happy at your house, makes me happy at my house.

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