On Friday afternoon (Feb. 24), Trent Harmon performed a short set at Big Machine Label Group's annual luncheon during the 2017 Country Radio Seminar. Among the songs he sang was a new, unreleased tune called "Her," inspired by the ... uh, seedier parts of life out on the road.

"Over the last two years, I have had to be in situations and make decisions on my feet that I've never had to in my whole life -- in my whole life," Harmon told the radio programmers and media members in attendance. "Fortunately, I have had the same young lady as my 'ladyfriend' for the last six years, and the last two years, with being on Idol, I've had to deal with some stuff -- uh, let's put it out there, I had to deal with telling folks, 'No. No, I'm good, I'm good, you don't have to come hang out with me tonight, believe me, I am good.' And, uh, I wrote a song about it."

Readers can press play above to hear "Her," which Harmon debuted via Facebook Live back in January. Lyrics include "You could be fine / You could be sweet / You could be everything that I need / You could be the fix / You could be the cure / Whatever you are, girl, one thing's for sure / You'll never be her."

"This song means a lot to me," Harmon said at the BMLG luncheon.

"Her" will appear on Harmon's forthcoming debut album, which he describes as a "country soul" project.

“Soul music is in right now, and it’s cool to sing, but it’s what comes out of me naturally. If I’m singing gospel music or I’m singing country music or I’m singing pop music, I sing it soulfully. That’s just how it comes out," Harmon explains. "So I feel like that’s going to come through on this country album.”

Harmon won the final season of American Idol, Season 15, in 2016, and released his debut single, "There's a Girl," in June.


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