One of the most famous Museums, located in Paris, France  is opening their doors for free virtually tonight, for the whole world to visit!  The Louvre Museum!

Many of my family and friends discovered the link on Facebook and signed up for the virtual tour that is happening tonight. Seriously! Maybe you are one of those people that travels the world frequently. I love to travel, but traveling overseas doesn't seem to be in the plans for me any time soon...if ever. Not saying I wouldn't love to go...just sayin...financially, it's probably not in the cards for awhile.

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The virtual FREE live tour is happening this evening from 6pm to 7:30 pm Central, and it will be a guided tour. In case you didn't know, this is the museum that houses the famous Mona Lisa, which will surely be a destination stop on tonight's guided tour.

My oldest son has actually been to this museum and has his own photos of the Mona Lisa. An experience that he thoroughly enjoyed, and I thought it might be neat to just take a peak at what he was able to see ...standing right there in that beautiful historical museum, through  his own eyes.


If you would like to go on this wonderful tour tonight virtually, click HERE to sign up for the event. This link will also give you access to tour other wonderful places around the world, so be watching for more great opportunities.

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