Hey, everybody -- my name's Brooks O'Brian and I’m brand new to 98.1 Minnesota’s New Country. But I’m definitely NOT new to Minnesota. All about that and more below:

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1. I've Got Minnesota Roots

I was born and raised in South Minneapolis right near Minnehaha Falls. I went to college for a year at the U of M, Twin Cities and then finished my college education with a Mass Communications degree at Bemidji State University.  I’m excited to be back in my home state near family and long-time friends!


2. I Bleed Purple and Gold

I have a (possibly unhealthy) addiction to the Minnesota Vikings. There may or may not be a tattoo to show for it.  In all my years outside the state of Minnesota, I never stopped loving the Vikings and as you well know, it’s a long and torturous relationship where they tease us with a winning season…only to fall out of the playoffs short of the Superbowl.  But I love them. SKOL!!!


3. I Ain't Scurred!

I LOVE horror movies. The more twisted, the better.  Think of movies like SAW, Hostel or Stephen King’s “It”.  I’ve seen them all and then some!


4. I've Got St. Cloud Ties

I spent one summer in St. Cloud during college, taking a couple classes at SCSU that I couldn’t get in Bemidji. Also, my brother Bruce graduated from to SCSU! He met his now-wife Julie when they worked together at Coborns. Julie, my sister-in-law, was born and raised here in St. Cloud.


5. Personally Speaking...

I’m single -- recently divorced -- I love going to the horse races (hello, Canterbury Park!) and I LOVE Country music.
Now that you know a little more about me, I'm looking forward to learning more about you.


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