Guys, if you love the women in your need to start pitching in. There is a new study that says women who do more than 3 hours of chores a day are compromising their health. However, the study showed that men can do an unlimited number of chores and it has NO effect on a mans health.   According to DAILY MAIL /BUSINESS STANDARD, the average woman works 3 hours and 40 minutes, and the average guy works 90 minutes.

Why?  Here's my theory:

As I'm standing at the sink every night washing dishes while everyone else is enjoying their games, computers or relaxing; I'm thinking about everything else that needs to be done; getting ready to finish cleaning the kitchen, take out the garbage, start a load of laundry, feed the dog and cat.

In my case, I want to give my family a break, so I typically  take it upon myself to make that happen; but there's something inside of me that says, "I'm doing all of this without asking you to help; Isn't there something inside of you that makes you WANT to help me? Like...Maybe you care enough about my life and the things that I do for you, that you might just recognize that I need help to?

Then mental stress is probably what's hurting. I try to look at it as my exercise program; but I have to admit; every now and then, it does bother me.

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