Today is National Take Your Child To Work Day.  I went to work with my dad a few times and I learned quite a bit actually.

Take Your Child To Work Day has been going on for two decades and it's aimed at showing kids the importance of getting a good education.

When I was in school, I went to work with my dad a few times.  He's the jack of all trades but he primarily does landscaping on an estate down in the cities.

I learned a few valuable lessons from those trips.  First, I don't know a thing about landscaping.  I don't know what flowers need sun and which ones should be left in the shade.  I have no clue what most plants are, I just base any purchase I make on whether or not it's pretty.

Second, I'm not really very good at manual labor.  Unless, I'm prepared for it I don't really like digging in the dirt or getting dirty.  Hauling brush just isn't my thing.

I'm not big into bugs and getting eaten alive when working on some of his types of projects.  Thus, the reason I went in to radio I guess!

Did you ever go to work with your mom or dad?  What did you learn?