This year may be more difficult for you. You may have lost a job, you have stimulus checks you're not sure what to do with regarding taxes; Maybe you're working more than one job to make ends meet.

Forbes has some great tips to help you get your taxes for 2020 under control, so there's no need to stress or worry your days away.

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I know. It probably goes without saying. I've already set up my appointment with my Tax Consultant, and now I'm under the gun to make sure I have all my financial documents organized. If you need to get a copy of last years taxes, the IRS makes it easy for you by going online to their website. You can get there by clicking HERE now.


There's nothing worse than being behind on your taxes, and then having to pay taxes for the new year. It's a difficult place to be. Do what you can and budget so you can get those past due taxes paid off.


Depending on how complicated your life is, will determine whether or not you should get some professional help to assist you. The last thing you want is to figure something wrong, and then have the IRS on your back for doing your taxes incorrectly.  I get help every year. A great CPA will help you if you do get audited, and work with you through the auditing process.

If you need more information about preparing for your taxes, click HERE and learn some great extra steps available from Forbes.

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