Weekends should be for relaxing, slacking, perhaps (definitely) sipping beverages, searing meat...not for chores (or the thinly-veiled-as-a-chore 'weekend project'). You've gotsta be efficient with chores as well as downtime...so here are some tips on making your weekend gooder!


#1: Plan Ahead
It may seem counter-intuitive, but making an itinerary of your weekend will help keep you on task. Designate specific time(s) for getting projects done. And don't just plan chores; plan fun, too! And plan something fun specifically for Sunday night to take your mind off of Monday morning for a little bit longer.

#2: Vary Your Doings
A great way to disconnect from the work week is to do something completely different on the weekends, so concentrate on a hobby or a sport.


#3: Speaking of Disconnect...
Get away from technology for a few hours every weekend. You don't have to completely forsake your smartphone or Xbox, just make sure to take a walk or something.

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