Tim McGraw's new album 'Two Lanes of Freedom' is his debut album with new label Big Machine Records and it hit stores yesterday (Feb. 5th). To promote the new work Tim visited 'The Ellen Degeneres Show' where he revealed a secret about his current under-garment situation.

If you have ever watched 'Ellen' you know she loves giving celebs her famous 'Ellen' underwear when they visit her. When Ellen asked if Tim was sporting one of the pairs he has received from the talk show host, surprisingly he admitted he was in fact going commando that day! Yes ladies, it's true, Tim doesn't always wear underwear.

Ellen wanted to be sure Tim would never be short of underwear again by providing him with a plethora of her boxer-briefs, even though Tim made it clear he meant to skip on them that day due to his tight pants.

Go get Tim's new album! Seriously.