I remember when my fiance and I were house hunting in Sartell and Sauk Rapids four years ago. Our real estate agent had us following him around from showing to showing and I couldn't believe the number of roundabouts we were going through. It seemed like there was one at every single intersection. I had been living on St. Cloud's east side the year prior, and there was the roundabout at the SCSU campus I had to go through every day but it wasn't anything like what we were driving through to see these houses.

Over the past four years I've really grown to appreciate roundabouts. They are so much faster and more efficient, but of course there is a little bit of a learning curve that comes with them, especially if you don't go through drivers ed around these parts.

Comedian Charlie Berens put it into perspective in a TikTok video:

You gotta stop acting like you know what you're doing when you go around a roundabout. It's a roundabout. Nobody knows what they're doing.

Also don't worry I'm riding shotgun. I wouldn't record a video, and drive. How in the heck would I watch out for deer?

Sometimes I think he is right about no one knowing what they are doing. Especially when I see people come to a dead stop in the middle of one. But then I think back to my house hunting experience and remember that this could be the first time someone has gone through one. Just gotta be patient, they'll pick it up soon enough.

And as a general rule of thumb when using a roundabout, think of Charlie Beren's catchphrase which is "Keep 'er Movin."

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