TikTok can be such a wonderful corner of the internet.

I was scrolling through my "for you" page the other night and came across "ashleyyyjooo" a TikTok-er living in St. Cloud. She shared a video using a popular audio clip that is making its way around the app:

The comments are really where this video shines. People hopped in them sharing their own St. Cloud experiences.

Olivia Doering shared: "Bruh living in St. Cloud is wild"

Owen Barker replied saying: "Facts just moved here from a tiny town way up north and it's crazy here"

Jaden_Mendel said: "Can't forget about Superman on Division by CVS"

Jennifer Lee Grenier shared: "Checking in here. My personal favorite is the guy directing traffic at University and 9th ave. St. Cloud is interesting for sure."

Ekutzorik15 added in: "Bruh I live in St. Cloud and it's not as bad as y'all say"

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