Ok, I will admit it, when I am not working, I'm helping to either unpack boxes or making runs to the storage locker. It's during some of the downtime that can come with doing these tasks that I will find myself scrolling through social media, and tonight I ran across an admitted favorite food combination that was something truly awful. Peanut butter on pizza.

So I often find my scrolling stop when I run across something from the Facebook group Minnesota Memes. It might be true Minnesota snark, fact, or some blurred combination of the two. Thursday seemed to be a day of honesty in the group with people sharing the things that make them different from those who live around them. It might have been "having no beans in your chili" to you "not liking to fish", but to take it to such an awful combination of two of my favorite foods alone, pizza and peanut butter.

A photo was even left as evidence.

Image Credit: Screenshot by Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Screenshot by Paul Shea/TSM

^^What in the heck is that?^^  **Shudders**

That is awful looking, what the HECK! Did they bake a pizza with peanut butter spread on it? Did that get scooped onto some delivery? How can that look good??

The flavors could work, other than the tomato sauce part. Like a meaty cheesy toast.

But it's the sauce that makes me gag, thinking about it.

But some strange part of me also just wants to try it, just to see if I'm totally wrong and if it really is that good.

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