If this works, it could possibly be the most awesome trick ever!

This video has popped up in my Facebook news feed several times and this time I actually decided to watch it.  It could very well be life changing.

There's nothing worse than having to defrost your windows on a bitter cold morning and sometimes the defroster in your car can't get the job done fast enough.  That leaves you to bust out the scraper, but who wants to do that?

Turns out you may not have to.  An article from LittleThings features this little lifesaver.


Clearing frost solutionAn EASY way to clear frost off your windshield if you have to park outside at night!

Posted by WATE Ken Weathers on Tuesday, January 5, 2016


According to the article the mixture is 1/3 part water and 2/3 parts rubbing alcohol.  How cool is that??

Have you ever tried this before?  Does it actually work?


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