Until today, my email Inbox was a pure disaster.  It took me approximately 3 hours to delete, move to a folder, and decide what was important and not important.

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I've been trying to spend 5 minutes a day working on this, and I was getting nowhere. So today, I thought I would spend a little time looking for some professional tips to help me get my inbox under control. As of this very moment, I feel like I've cleaned my digital house. My Inbox is completely empty for the first time in years. Everything is in the folder that it belongs in, and the junk is gone, gone, gone!

I found a website called unroll.me.  This site will show you a list of all of your subscription emails, so you can instantly get rid of those that you don't want anymore.

It will also help you combine those that you want to keep, into a combo file, so you don't have an overloaded inbox to sift through. It's called "The Rollup." It lets you take the email subscriptions you want, and put them all together in one email. Plus, it lets you choose the time of day you want to receive it. If for example, your mornings are super busy and you only want to see the most important emails of the day, you can have the Roll up sent in the afternoon or evening. Cool huh?

How much do you pay for this service? Nothing! It's free! How can it be free you say? Is it safe to use, you say?

Rakuten Intelligence owns Unroll.Me, and measures e-commerce through a technology that automatically recognizes commercial emails and extracts purchase information from them. The technology is designed to ignore personal email, and only focuses on information that helps them measure market trends, to provide insights into consumer trends.

The information then helps the businesses of the world figure out what works for consumers and what doesn't.  They also keep your information safe, and have a limited staff with access to the information who stay up to date on safety and privacy training.

After I enrolled, it took less than 15 minutes for me to go through all of my emails, over 10000 of them, and decide what I wanted to keep, what I wanted to roll together, and what I wanted to get rid of. The result? A happy Kelly, who can read the email messages that are important to me.  Try it!


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