There is good and bad about our mild Minnesota weather.  Lots of people wish it were colder and that there was snow on the ground so they could take advantage of all the winter sports.

On the other hand, many folks are happy about the mild temperatures and nearly non-existent snowfall.  I can't deny that I'm in this group of folks.  But we have to take the bad with the good.

The bad part is that the warmer than usual temperatures have caused the need to cancel the popular Minnesota Ice Festival that takes place in Eagan.  It was set to take place outside of the Minnesota Vikings TCO Stadium for multiple days in January and February.

Minnesota Ice CEO Robbie Harrell blamed our unusual December - and its temps in the 40s and 50s - for the decision to pull the plug on the festival. "There are safety concerns we have to take into account..."

They were looking forward to building what they were hoping would be the biggest ice maze in history.  Besides the ice maze, there was also a scavenger hunt and ice skating on the schedule.

Minnesota Ice via Facebook
Minnesota Ice via Facebook

According to KARE 11 people that have purchased tickets and gift cards will be automatically refunded.

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The good news is there is no shortage of other fun events happening here in Central Minnesota.  One of which is a brand new festival coming to St. Cloud called Bold & Bright.  It's scheduled for January 25th - 28th and you can find details on it HERE.  Want to go ice skating?  Find that HERE.  There are more winter events to enjoy HERE as well.

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