A Minnesota transplant has traded in his prison orange jumpsuit for a more just career. Alex Denning was sentenced to prison and recently shared his account of being sent to St. Cloud's State Prison in a Youtube video.

10 years ago Alex was arrested and convicted of assault and was to receive 8 years in prison for his crime, at the time in 2012 the judge only gave Denning probation. That sadly wasn't enough of a wake-up call to stop being a knucklehead and while he was on probation he was "arrested for robbery and sentenced to 98 months in prison" according to the website prisonfellowship.org, which did a feature on Denning.

And with that arrest and subsequent conviction, Denning was then sent up to St. Cloud to serve a portion of his sentence. In the following video, Denning details what it was like, from the bus ride from Rochester to St. Cloud, to walking into the 'castle' to other things he noticed during his time in prison.

After he served his time, Denning looked to pursue a career in modeling, and many agencies told him that his tattoos would be a deterrent to being signed to an agency. Since then Denning has been signed to an agency as a model, and ironically enough his first gig was being a prisoner.

You can learn more about his time behind bars, and what he has done since his release on his Youtube Channel, along with other forms of social media.

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