When mother nature decides to dump a bunch of snow on us, without the St. Cloud Public Works men and women jumping in their plows to take care of business on the roads, we would be going nowhere. I'm glad the there are people willing to get up very early in the morning to plow our roads so we can get to work, school, the gym... wherever you're going.

What drives me insane, but all I can do is laugh and put my boots back on, is it never seems to fail... after I shovel out our driveway, the plow comes by and throws all the snow and BOULDERS back into my driveway. You just get back in the house from clearing your driveway, sit down with a drink and then you hear it, the scrapping of a big plow on the road and you just know it's time to go shovel some more.

Today was the same deal. We actually started shoveling last night and again this morning, but when I went home for lunch I saw that the plow had been past and covered the base of the driveway, again. I stepped on the gas a little harder than normal and went through the snow without any problem. I parked in the garage and then went to eat. After eating, time to get back to work. Little did I know it was going to take me 45-minutes to get back.

As you see in the picture above, I got stuck at the end of my drive way. This is an awful feeling, I'm two feet from freedom, but can't get there. There was a car coming as I was backing out so I had to stop and not plow through the snow at the end of the driveway. I had to stop right in the middle of the mess the snow plows threw back in the drive way and I got hung up. There wasn't much snow there at all, but it was enough to catch my undercarriage and not be able to get a shovel under there.

So I tried everything I could think of. I had some boards in my garage so I placed them under my tires, got now where. Tried shoveling myself, got nowhere. We have a bean bag set and one bag has a hole in it so I was going to dump the rice under my tires to try and gain traction... the bags are filled with corn. I got nowhere.

I finally called Jesse who works on our sister station REV 96.7 to come help me out. Jesse says, "sure, but it'll be a few minutes, there's eight minutes left in the U.S.A. vs Canada hockey game."... in sports minutes, eight minutes is 25 minutes real time. Jesse, who has been to my house, got lost on his way over, but when he did fine me... he pushed me out and we got back to work before the boss knew we were gone.

Three inches of snow owned me today and put my day on halt. Embarrassing.

Have you gotten stuck due the snow this winter?

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